How to Verify User Age for WordPress Content

Not all websites are family-friendly. Some may have adult-only content or other sensitive materials for a mature audience. Being able to verify the user age in WordPress reduces liability while making the visitor aware of the sensitive nature of the content.

For instance, what if your website promotes R-rated material, language or adult themes? Adding a WordPress age gate overlay is beneficial in this situation.

Today, I’ll show you how to verify the user’s age for WordPress content.

Using the Age Gate Plugin

Age Gate Overlay

For this tutorial, I’m going to demonstrate what Age Gate can do for your website. It’s an easy-to-use, free tool with various customization options, SEO-friendly and compatible with multilingual plugins like Polylang.

This plugin uses cookies to remember information about the user.

Install and activate, “Age Gate.” You want to make sure you install the correct plugin. There are quite a few, but you’re looking for the one by Phil Baker.

Age Gate

Click Age Gate from the left admin panel.

Age Gate Option

Restriction Settings

In this first screen, you can modify the restrictions put onto the users when they first visit your website.

This includes the default age of the user, selecting certain types of content, varied ages, user memory and ignoring logged in users.

For example, you can set the default age to 18 and allow the system to remember the user for 30 days.

Set the restriction options and click, “Save Changes.”

Save Restrictions

Messaging Settings

Click the “Messaging” tab on the top.


In this section, you can change the messages the plugin gives to users. Headlines, remember me text, buttons, and any additional content can be added here.

This gives you the ability to change nearly any text used by this age verifier for WordPress.

Once you’ve customized the texts, click the “Save Changes” button on the bottom.

Save Messaging

Appearance Settings

Click the “Appearance” tab.

Appearance Tab

This age verification plugin provides several options for changing the design of the gated overlay.

For instance, you can add your own logo, alter background colors and images, change the foreground, text colors and the page title itself.

Using the settings in this area, you can make the WordPress age verification screen fit your site’s aesthetics.

Appearance Settings

Advanced Settings

Click on the “Advanced” tab.

Advanced Settings

In this area, you have access to more advanced adjustments.

For instance, you can change to use JavaScript Age Gate for an uncachable version and additional adjustments. You can also set an anonymous gating challenge.

These options include import and export, toolbar options, editor adjustments and assigning custom bot control if you need.

If you know your way around CSS, you can add your own visual adjustments with the custom field.

Advanced Gate Settings

Access Settings

Click the “Access Settings” tab.

Access Settings Tab

In this section, you’re able to control what user roles can make changes to the age warning in WordPress.

For instance, you can set the Editor role to manage the Messaging settings by checking the box next to it.

These settings also include the ability to allow the age gate bypass for individual content.

One of the things that make this WordPress adults-only plugin worthwhile is its ability to utilize custom user roles. This means roles you’ve created for other purposes are part of the age gate system.

This makes it very useful if you have a custom role for making website adjustments without the admin account.

Age Gate is also compatible with custom post types. Using the options in the Access Settings screen, you can turn off the age gate for specific types of content on the site. So if you have age-friendly material, this could be an option.

Age Gate User Roles

Keep the Content Secured

Adding a way to verify user age in WordPress helps keep sensitive materials away from young eyes. Although it’s not a fool-proof method, it does contribute to securing your content.

What parts of your site are age-gated? Have you ever thought about using a paywall to limit access to your content?

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