How to Add Royalty Free Images to WordPress with Envato Elements

Envato Elements to WordPress

Face it, more often than not, it is difficult to find images to use that are royalty free. While there are dozens of websites that do offer excellent royalty free images, visiting all of them to find the perfect image can be very time-consuming. That is where Envato Elements comes in.

What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is actually an online platform that gives you access to all sorts of design and website services. From templates to images, there is just about everything you can imagine at your fingertips if you are a part of their subscription model.

That being said, they also offer a lot of stuff for free. While not everything within their platform is available for free, the stuff that is available in Envato Elements for free is solid and gives you a wide variety of options.

To access the entire package, including the ability to import royalty free images, you will need an Envato Elements subscription. We will talk about that a little more below.

Many website developers and graphic designers are starting to take this subscription approach to some models, as the fees are so low and the content is so vast that it makes it totally worth it.

Envato Elements offers something a lot of other things don’t. Some of the main highlights of this include:

  • Unlimited Downloads for a Single Fee
  • Powered by Independent Designers
  • One Commercial License Covers Everything
  • Revenue Sharing For Developers

That being said, let’s focus on how you can easily add royalty free images to your WordPress website using a smooth plugin I found. This plugin integrates seamlessly and allows you to accomplish everything from the back end of your WordPress admin dashboard.

Envato Elements – Photos & Elementor Templates

Envato Elements plugin

The Envato Elements – Photos & Elementor Templates gives you the ability to easily import royalty free photos from your Envato Elements account without ever having to leave your WordPress admin dashboard.

The plugin also comes packed with a ton of free to use templates that are compatible with Elementor and Beaver Builder.

So, if you install and activate this plugin, you can import royalty free images. But if you are using Elementor to build a website, then you will also have access to tons of free template kits and blocks that you can use with the Elementor page builder.

Let’s take a look at how to install and activate the plugin. Then we will go over how to use it together.

Install and Activate Plugin

In order to use all the free templates and blocks, as well as easily import royalty free images into your WordPress website, you first need to install and activate the plugin. You can do this by going to the plugins page inside your WordPress admin dashboard and searching the plugin name.

Install and activate envato elements

Once the plugin has been installed and activated on your website, click on “Elements.” You will see that tab located on the left side menu of your dashboard. This will take you to the main setup and use area for the plugin.

Click on elements tab

There are actually not many settings to go over, but let’s take a look at what all is included and how you use it all.

Import Royalty Free Images

At this point, you should be on the main page for the Envato Elements plugin. Here you will see a couple of tabs. Let’s go over how to enable the ability to import royalty free images into your website whenever you want.

Note: You do need to have an active subscription to Envato Elements to access unlimited royalty free image downloads from their library of over 1 million photos. Here is how you sign up.

Go ahead a click on the “Photos” tab. This is located at the top of the main plugin page. You will see the photo section pop up with some information and a photo search bar.

Go ahead and click on the blue “Get Started” button.

Click get started button

You will be taken to the main subscription page for Envato Elements. If you already have an account, go ahead and sign into it. If you don’t, then create an account so that you can sign up for the subscription.

Create envato account

Note: We don’t display subscription pricing in our tutorials because it is always changing. However, the pricing is very reasonable, and you can cancel at any time.

Once you sign up and accept the subscription, you will be given a subscription token. Go ahead and copy that token. Now, click back over to your WordPress admin dashboard and you will see that a popup box has appeared.

Paste your token in that field to verify your Envato Elements subscription.

Paste envato elements token in field

That’s it! Once this is done, you have full access to their image library and the ability to import unlimited royalty free images to your website at any time.

Free Template Kits and Blocks

Even though you need an Envato Elements subscription to import unlimited royalty free images, the plugin also does provide you access to 120 free template kits and 581 free block templates to use for building websites.

Let’s take a look at these real quick.

Note: This assumes you are using Elementor to build your website, as these template kits and blocks are built for importing into Elementor.

Import a Template Kit

To import any of the 120 free template kits to use for your WordPress website, simply click back on the Elementor tab and then from the dropdown menu select Template Kits.

Clcik elementor and then templates

You will see a list of template kits that are available to you. At the top are the premium ones, so scroll down some to the list of free kits.

Free envato elements template kits

Click on the template that you want to import.

Select template

Under that main template you selected will be around 10-12 other templates available for a specific page. Click on the one you want to import. From here, you will be given the opportunity to enter a page name for the template you are about to import. Go ahead and enter the page name you want, and then click on the “Create Page” button.

Enter page name

Once you have created your page name you can import the template. Click on the “Import Template” button to get this done.

Import template

Once the template has been imported successfully, you will see a “Congrats” message. This will let you know that your template has been successfully imported into the page area and is now available for edit.

Congrats message

Simply click on the “Open Template in Library” button and start working. Your page is now always available as part of all your pages.

Repeat this process as many times as you want to create other templates to use.

Import a Block

There are also 581 free blocks to use while you are building with Elementor. The process is about the same but let’s take a look.

To access the blocks click on the Elementor tab again and then click on “Blocks” in the dropdown.

Click elementor tab and then blocks

You will be taken to the blocks library. Here you will see all the available blocks. Click on the one you want to explore and import.

Select block from envato elements library

Select any of the available blocks within the main category block you chose and click on the “Import to Library” button.

Omport block

You will receive the same message congratulating you that the block has been successfully imported. To edit and work on the block template, simply click on the “Edit Template” button.

Edit template

Your block has now been added to your library and you can use it any time. Repeat this process to add and edit any other available blocks.

Final Thoughts

Having the ability to use and import royalty free images from your WordPress dashboard can be very valuable. Sure, there is a small fee, but the time you save and the content access you receive is well worth it.

Plus, you gain access to hundreds of free templates and blocks to use when you are building your website.

If you are tired of searching all over the web for royalty free images at random websites, then give Envato Elements a try. You will save yourself a lot of valuable time and also gain access to a lot of other free resources.

Have you ever tried using this subscription package for royalty free images? Do you prefer another tool?

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