How to Add a Company Address with WordPress

Displaying contact information in your site does major things: a) it improves trust in the brand, and b) makes it easier for local consumers to find you. You could simply add this information to a webpage, but it would be lacking.

In reality, you would want to add the company address in WordPress with an SEO-friendly markup. And it wouldn’t hurt to also deliver a map so potential customers can easily find your business.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add the company address to WordPress including important information such as hours of operation and Google Maps.

Getting the Google API Key

Google now requires billing information when using JavaScript APIs. This doesn’t mean you’ll be charged, but it does make the process of getting an API key a bit more convoluted than it was before.

The bottom line is you’ll need the API key to proceed.

Go to the Google Maps Platform site and click, “Get Started.”

Get Started

Click the “Maps” checkbox from the new window. Click the “Continue” button when it highlights on the bottom right.

Google Maps Option

Select “Create a new project” from the drop-down box.

Select Project

Give the project a new name and click “Next.” Make this name something you’ll easily recognize for future reference.

Next Button

If you do not have a billing account enabled in Google, you’ll need to do so now. Click the “Create Billing Account” option and follow the steps.

Create Billing Account

Once you’ve added your billing information, copy the API key Google will give you. This is needed to use the Google Maps platform, and you must have it to continue this tutorial.

Google API Key

Using Business Profile in WordPress

Now that we have the API key, let’s add the WordPress Business Profile plugin. This is an easy tool that comes with a few customizable settings and works well for adding rich contact information for guests and search engines.

It comes with a shortcode you can use virtually anywhere in WordPress, a Gutenberg block for easy adding and a sidebar widget. This way, you can pick and choose exactly where you want to add the company address in WordPress.

Install and activate, “Business Profile.”

Business Profile

Click the option on the left for “Business Profile.”

Business Profile Settings

Input your business info. This includes things like selecting the scheme type, which is used to best describe your business. You can also add images, business name, and address.

Business Info

Input the Google Maps API key you got earlier.

Add API Key

You can then fill out the rest of the form for the business. Add your contact page if you have one, set up a schedule for open hours, and you can use multiple locations in this WordPress business plugin.

Fill Out Business Info

Click the “Save Changes” button on the bottom.

Save Changes

Adding a Widget

First, let’s add a widget in WordPress for the company address. This means it’ll show up in the sidebar of the website.

Go to Appearance and click, “Widgets.”

Address Widget

Drag and drop the “Contact Card” widget into the sidebar. You can place this anywhere you’d like.

Contact Card Widget

Check all the options you want to show in the sidebar. Anything you select will be added to the widget for visitors to see.

Widget Options

Click the “Save” button to commit your changes.

Save Widget

The widget is updated instantly on the frontend of your website.

Updated Widget

Using the Shortcode

The Business Profile plugin for WordPress also comes with a shortcode you can add to any post or page.

Let’s say we want to add a more robust contact page in WordPress. If you have a contact form already available, you can easily add the shortcode before or after it.

This gives users a one-stop location to find information about your business and to reach out.

Create or open a page from the dashboard.

Add New Page

Paste this shortcode into the page editor:[ht_message mstyle=”info” title=”” show_icon=”” id=”” class=”” style=”” ][contact-card][/ht_message]

Contact Shortcode

Once you save or update the page, the WordPress business info plugin will do the rest.

Contact Info

Be Transparent

One of the biggest reasons why many site owners use a WordPress business plugin like this is to offer transparency. Visitors are more likely to trust a brand if it’s easy to contact.

In fact, a lot of people will not shop at a business without easy-to-find contact info.

Add your company address to WordPress and improve the connections between your brand and the consumer.

What business information do you currently offer visitors to your website? How detailed is your contact page?

Author: Michael Brockbank

Michael has been in the tech industry in some form or another since the late 1990s. He’s built a variety of websites using HTML, Joomla and WordPress. Starting his freelance writing career in 2012, he’s completed thousands of projects world-wide covering a wide scope of topics. Michael is currently the Content Marketing Team Lead. Today, he manages a team of writers to create tutorials, blog posts and support content for customers. Outside of GreenGeeks, he manages a YouTube channel that helps others learn how to become freelance writers, bloggers and overall professionals.

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